First Generation African

There is no place like home.
There is no place like home.

Someone called me that the other day after I told her the number of years that I have lived and worked in Africa. She is African and has spent many years living and working in the States.  She has returned to Africa, leading the Africa division of global technology company.

We both ask the question: “Where do I belong?”  She has many friends who have also spent years in other countries. They ask the same question.

“I am living at home but the other place is home, too.”
“I miss home. Which home am I referring to?”

I have days where I yearn for Africa after living back in the States now for a few years. I recently went to Zambia and Malawi for work. I was so happy to be back on the continent.

She called me first generation African. I loved it. It fits. Never heard that expression before. You hear first generation American all the time. But first generation Africa? Really? Can it be a trend?

Whatever it is, it is a way that connects me to another place that was and still feels like home.


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