Is it what I do or is it my job?

learn keyMy first job in learning technology was as a computer teacher in an international school teaching 7th graders in West Africa. I entered the field of technology through education.  My expertise is in how technology and learning work together.

That is what I do.

But is it my job?

Our team recently did a “motivational analysis quiz” to look at what motivates each of us.  It is based on McClelland’s Needs Theory. The theory says that it is the need for achievement, power, and/or affiliation which motivates you. I didn’t need to take the quiz to know that it is affiliation which motivates me.  Do people understand? Do they get it? Do they own it? Can they do it? That is what I strive for in my work.

I think of myself as an educator, rather than a tech person.  If you knew the models of phones and laptops that I have and how I use tech, you would agree.

My job is officially in the ICT4D unit. I do technology. The choice of technology is the easy part. The implementation is the hard part. It is the learning field that I happen to know how to use it as a tool.

I have experience in learning in and of itself. I can create workshops. I can facilitate workshops. I can develop curriculum, lesson plans and digital materials. I know about open educational resources and am familiar with learning systems. I can teach and help people learn.

My job is to assist with how to use technology for learning.  Does it also include the learning part such as developing curriculum and modules and facilitating workshops?  Should it?  I entered the field of education by teaching with and about technology.  Technology AND learning is ‘what I do.’ It is an integral part of me.

But is it my job? Parts of it might be.  Parts will not.  It is evolving. It is new territory. Anything new feels awkward.  It is smoothing out. As I get more and more involved in projects, it will become clearer what I do can also be my job; however, whatever I do as my job does not change for me what I do.


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