Staying on the main road or taking another path may still lead to the same place

roadI have tried many times to begin a new journey and diverge from education technology in Africa.  Yet whatever path I go on, it leads me right back to the main road of working with teachers in Africa.

I trained teachers in Mombasa from 2010-2013 on using technology in education.  I read an article this week entitled  “285 Mombasa Teachers Trained on ICT.” I even tweeted the article.

I was hoping that “our” teachers were the trainers for the roll-out of that program.  I knew that these teachers had at one point been working MOE in becoming master trainers, but that was quite awhile ago.

I received this from a teacher at a primary school in Mombasa that same day I sent the tweet:
“Hi Jodi, hope all is well. Right now we are training teachers on integration because the government is soon rolling out the laptop project here in Kenya. We miss those days you trained us. We wish you’d come back.”

It says it all why I do what I do.  I may veer off on different paths to explore options for using new tools and techniques.  However, I always end up back to that main road where it takes me home to work with teachers in Africa.


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